Mission Statement

 It is the mission of Trinity Empowerment Consortium to help revitalize low to moderate income communities by educating potential new homeowners and assisting existing homeowners in home ownership retention. We are also committed to helping increase financial capacity within the communities we serve by empowering the residents to maximize their resources with an ultimate goal of wealth creation.

Value Statements

Trinity Empowerment Consortium was created to address the issue that has continued to befall society as written in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”.  In this regard we have become vigilant in our commitment to build our community by educating its residents.

Our values are reflective of the Christian principles of Integrity, Collaboration and Action. They are detailed below:

Integrity – we do everything thoughtfully and with a commitment of excellence; we take responsibility for our errors and utilize them as learning opportunities; we acknowledge our roles in conflicts and participate in dining and implementing solutions; we do what we say we’re going to do or acknowledge when we are not able to complete the task and we value accountability and present our organization as one that can be counted upon.

Change through Collaboration – we support each other and give everyone a chance to learn and improve because we believe that individuals are the key to our success; we are open to suggestions that may lead to the positive transformation of Trinity Empowerment Consortium and the community we serve and we recognize our role in the support of leadership and the importance of advocacy in the implementation of transformational change in our community.

Action– we plan to the best of our abilities to take timely actions using available information; we take calculated risks and view failures as a learning opportunity and we remain flexible and adaptable to change as new or updated information becomes available.